Monday, November 27, 2017

DCKR / TESLA to be used in Galileo navigation satellites

Unsurprisingly, I was not the first to think of the main concept behind DCKR (DHKR might still be novel). DCKR, along with some other nice ideas, was previously invented by Adrian Perrig under the more catchy name "TESLA".

But there is an unexpected benefit to being second. I now enjoy the cheap thrill of seeing the idea put into practice without having yet done any work to promulgate the technique:

I am grateful to Adrian for telling me about this application, and for pointing me towards several related concepts. As TESLA is already seeing use, it is with greater confidence that I can submit it for consideration in other contexts. In the Galileo application, the performance advantages dominate - but I am particularly interested in the quantum resistance advantages of cryptosystems based on swappable one-way functions.

TESLA paper:

DCKR / DHKR writeup:

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